Frequently Asked Questions

How can our organization apply for a grant from The Broad Foundation?

The Broad Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Unlike many foundations that have a traditional grant cycle and review process, we are an entrepreneurial venture philanthropy. That is, we proactively seek out investments that align with our mission to dramatically improve urban K-12 public education. We are continually on the lookout for urban school districts and organizations that are progressive, led by talented, effective visionaries, and that are focused on improving student achievement. Once we have identified a potential investment opportunity, we initiate contact with a prospective grantee organization or individual and invite them to submit additional information.

Does The Broad Foundation fund initiatives outside the United States?

No, we focus only on school districts in the United States.

Does The Broad Foundation fund individual schools?

No.  We focus on urban school districts and high-quality charter management organizations.

Does The Broad Foundation fund research?

We fund research in areas that align with our investment strategy, including personalized learning, better pay for better teachers, mayoral control of school districts and expanded learning time.

What initiatives has The Broad Foundation funded so far?

A complete list of grant commitments to date can be found on the “Overview of Current Investments” page of this website.

Who is Eli Broad?

Eli Broad founded two Fortune 500 companies: Kaufman and Broad Home Corporation (now KB Home) and SunAmerica (which he sold to AIG). He is the son of Lithuanian immigrants, and he attended Detroit Public Schools and Michigan State University, where he worked after-school jobs to earn his tuition. He was the youngest CPA in the state’s history. Now 79, he believes philanthropy is his fourth and most important career. Eli has been married to Edythe Broad, also a graduate of Detroit Public Schools, for 59 years. They have two adult sons.

What is the size of The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation?

The Broad Foundations, including The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and The Broad Art Foundation, together have $2.6 billion in assets.

Do you have a board?

Yes.  The Broad Foundations have an 18-member board of governors that advises Eli and Edythe Broad.  

How do you evaluate success?

Through the terms of each grant, we request periodic reports from grantees on their progress toward expected milestones— over the life of a grant. These milestones, or metrics clearly define what we expect of our grantee organizations.  When key performance benchmarks are met or exceeded, we may expand or deepen our relationship with the grantee.  When key performance benchmarks are missed, we may offer to provide assistance and/or we may decide to put a grant on “pause.” If there is limited progress made towards meeting these targets, we may terminate an investment early.