The Broad Institute for School Boards

The Broad Institute for School Boards is a national training and support program for urban school district governance teams of school board members and superintendents. A partnership of The Broad Foundation and the Center for Reform of School Systems (CRSS), the Institute conducts an annual intensive one-week summer residential learning experience modeled after the Harvard Kennedy School’s program for new mayors and new members of Congress. The Institute aims to train new board members to become effective policy and reform leaders in urban school systems.

The Broad Institute for School Boards’ suite of programs includes an annual Alumni Institute, as well as a long-term partnership program called Reform Governance in Action.

The Alumni Institute provides all Broad Institute Fellows still serving as school board members the opportunity to advance their education as reform leaders. While The Broad Institute is designed as an induction program for newly elected or appointed board members, the Alumni Institute is designed as an advanced course for experienced board members. Like The Broad Institute, the Alumni Institute is built around case studies. But unlike The Broad Institute, which introduces board members to the full range of reform governance issues at a high level, the Alumni Institute digs deeply into a limited number of governance issues.

Reform Governance in Action (RGA) provides a long-term, training/consulting partnership program to selected large, urban districts and is based on the Don McAdams book, “Reform Governance.”  RGA utilizes urban district reform teaching cases and other curriculum materials created for The Broad Institute and other CRSS/Broad Foundation training events for urban school board members.  The objective is a high-performance board/superintendent team working together in harmony and using efficient and effective processes to develop, approve and implement major reform policies that will directly improve student achievement and narrow the achievement gap.  Participation in RGA is by invitation only and districts selected to attend must have leaders who were previously trained by The Broad Institute for School Boards.

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